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HONOLULU MAGAZINE and Why you should vote for Panos Prevedouros. >Read

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Thank you all for your support and well wishes

Together, we stood up to the status quo and caused people to stop and listen for the good of our City. We fought a good race, even being outspent almost 10 to 1. We gained significant momentum the last two weeks of the race and if we had just one more month it would have made a great difference. I will be running for Mayor in 2012 and will need your support moving forward. Watch for more info soon. Read this Civil Beat analysis - our momentum is real.


Engineers transform problems into real solutions. Why an Engineer. Not a Politician? Engineers are visionaries and problem solvers. They work to develop economic and safe solutions to practical problems. As a matter of fact, 20% of CEO's of Fortune 500 companies have an engineer at the helm.

CITY PROBLEM – Sewers Consent Decree with EPA Will Cost Over $7 Billion If Done by the City. SOLUTION – A Public Private Partnership for reconstruction, maintenance and operation to infuse private capital, to share risk and to operate sewers like a utility. With PPP, construction costs decrease, quality and timeliness improve. Better management. Bottom line: lower monthly bills and better infrastructure.

CITY PROBLEM – Severe Traffic Congestion Wastes Time and Fuel; Cripples Economy and Tourism. SOLUTION – Fix traffic lights, install six underpasses, PPP reversible expressway and express buses, Ewa Beach ferry; intelligent traffic management systems. (Google: University of Hawaii Congestion Study, UHCS)

CITY PROBLEM – 364 Water Main Breaks per Year... Problems and Solutions to Save Our Oahu > Read more

SAVE MONEY. VOTE PANOS. Rail will not solve traffic congestion and will cost each family $11,000. >Read more

Dr. Panos Prevedouros Stands Alone as Most Qualified for Mayor.

Read Dan Boylan's Article

"The Engineer, Not The Politician"

MIDWEEK, June 23, 2010. "Any project with a $5.5 billion price tag needs the voters’ continued attention. They will give it in the months ahead as University of Hawaii engineering professor Panos Prevedouros takes the anti-rail, pro-high occupancy transit position into the winner-take-all mayoral election. Prevedouros may very well win it." >Read more

The Honolulu Advertiser June 1, 2010 "Prevedouros, meanwhile, is the only one of the candidates to clearly distinguish himself from the others on the issue of Hannemann's $5.4 billion mass-transit project. Prevedouros stands alone in opposing what will be the state's largest capital improvements project ever." >Read more about why Panos stands alone as the most qualified person for Mayor.

Let's save O'ahu for our families and future generations... People for Panos: Read why we support Panos Prevedouros for Mayor.




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