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Panos' Bio

Panos D. Prevedouros, Ph.D. has been a Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Hawaii-Manoa since 1990. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Greece in 1984, and with Masters in 1987 and Doctorate in 1990 from Northwestern University, a top-IO university in engineering located in Evanston, IL.

Prevedouros comes from a family of entrepreneurs and engineers. His parents were small business owners. His sister and brother and two of his uncles are engineers. Also Panos' step-son graduated from the UH with a degree in civil engineering and now pursues a Masters at U. of Arizona.

Prevedouros was a candidate for Mayor for City and County of Honolulu, received 28,792 votes or 17.2% in the primary Election in September, 2008. He announced his intent to become a candidate for 2010 mayor election of the City and County of Honolulu in February 2010.

Prevedouros served on the Technical Advisory Committee of Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, 2003-2004, was a City Council-appointed member of a 7-person Transit Advisory Task Force (Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project), Honolulu, 2006, and was the Council Chair's appointee on the 5- member expert panel for the selection of fixed guideway technology for Honolulu, 2008. From 2006 to 2008 he was president of the Hawaii Highway Users Alliance. He was named one of the "50 people who Rocked Hawaii in 2003 " by the Hawaii Reporter, one of Ten People Who Made a Difference in Hawaii in 2008, by the Star Bulletin, and one of Hawaii's Seven Superheroes, by the Hawaii Reporter, 2009.

He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the European Union, and court-qualified Traffic and Transportation Engineering expert in Hawaii. His professional expertise is in urban road network management, incident management, traffic flow analysis, traffic signal optimization, intelligent transportation systems, demand forecasting, and evaluation of transportation alternatives, sustainable infrastructure and transportation systems, policies, and regulations.

Prevedouros is the author of 43 Technical Reports, 64 Engineering Journal Papers, 22 Engineering Proceedings papers and the 2nd and 3rd editions of Transportation Engineering and Planning, a transportation engineering textbook taught in over 50 programs in the US and 12 countries. He regularly publishes his opinions on infrastructure, energy, sustainability and policy issues with emphasis on the City and County of Honolulu at Fix Oahu! []

Prevedouros received the best Paper Award on Transportation Noise, TRB of the National Academies, 1995; the Outstanding Faculty Award, American Society of Civil Engineers-Hawaii, 1996; the Van Wagoner Award for Urban Underpasses, Institute of Transportation Engineers, 2005; and the Freeway Operations Service Award, TRB, National Academies, 2009.

Prevedouros has been assisting both Hawaii Department of Transportation and Attica Tollway in constructing improvements to lessen the impact of freeway bottlenecks. In addition to the State of Hawaii, City of Honolulu, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization and Attica Tollway, Prevedouros consulted for Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. • Reinwald, O'Connor and Playdon • Law Offices of Howard J. Gravelle. Wayson Chow, Esq .• Law Offices of Richard Turbin. Edwin A. Ebisui, Jr.,Esq .• Kemper and Watts. Intracom, S.A., Athens, Greece. Intramet, S.A., Larissa, Greece. M. R. Wolfe & Associates, Attorneys - Planners, San Francisco, CA • The lEI Group, Boston, MA • The R. M. Towill Corporation. The Alliance for Traffic Improvement. Iwan - Cray, Chicago, IL • Cambridge Systematics, Inc., Cambridge, MA • Berkeley Transportation Systems, Berkeley CA • Wilbur Smith Associates, Eastport, NY • Pacific Power Sails, Maui • Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) • Volcanoes National Park, Big Island.



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