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Panos Prevedouros on the Homeless Issue in Our City:<br> Help the Homeless, Ban the Bums

For Immediate Release
Panos Prevedouros on the Homeless Issue in Our City: Help the Homeless, Ban the Bums

Honolulu, Hawaii- July 9th, 2010 - Panos Prevedouros, candidate for Mayor, makes clear his position on the homeless issue: Help for the the Homeless, Ban the Bums.

Public monies should directly address issues NOT perpetuate and incentivize bum and illegal behaviors.

“80% of our homeless here in our city are good people who are facing hardship and most likely will get back on their feet in one to six months,” Prevedouros says. “We need to take care of them and their children. This includes shelter, health care, food, schooling and retraining- but with strict monitoring and follow up so they are enabled to return to society, instead of becoming accustomed to a parasitic and outcast lifestyle.”

Prevedouros explains:

>15% are bums and freeloaders from elsewhere who get a free ticket to come and hog our parks and beaches and rip us off with more than $30,000 in annual benefits in health care, food, food stamps and shelter services.
>5% are mentally ill, drug addicts or both. Some need treatment, some need incarceration and a few need permanent hospitalization.

Enough! Let's get on with it and Fix the problem!



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