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July 2010 Blog Posts (7)

Support from Craig and Cheryl Nakagawa

Hi Mr. Panos,

This is great to hear...we were happy to see all the supporters around the hale today.

My husband and I appreciate your "summary cards" so we can continue to get the word out to our contacts who all agree that:


I must admit to you that over the years, we have become very jaded about the folks we elect to office.

They all sound so good in the beginning but somehow change in that office as the months go by. Please do not be one of… Continue

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Retired Architect Explains Why Honolulu Needs Panos the Engineer

It is so evident that the politicians in office today have created the problems and financial shortfalls that have plagued Oahu during the last few years. Honolulu is deteriorating through the neglect that our present mayor has inflicted on our island. There are problems with sewer and water line breaks with many of our roads mired in a state of unacceptable condition.

It is time that we should reflect on the incredible life and achievements of John Wilson, a former Mayor of Honolulu.… Continue

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Support from Mark Terry

Honolulu faces a new threat. The threat is from crushing new taxes. Homeowners will get sharply higher property taxes if rail is built. And renters will pay higher rents because landlords will have to charge more (due to higher taxes). Rail will be expensive to build, expensive to maintain, and expensive to run. That is why taxes will go up sharply.

And the sad part is this: no one has shown that traffic will much improve. Rail will take passengers away from buses, with no improvement… Continue

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Honolulu Rail. No Transparency. No Accountability.

How much has been spent on planning, engineering and promoting Honolulu’s rail to date? What are the sources of the money and who got it? Normally this information should be at city’s

website but not for Honolulu. We only

know bits and pieces as reported in newspapers that did Freedom of Information

Act inquiries.

Who decided and why to let contracts out for a system that has not cleared the environmental…


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Suppport from the Teeter Family

Sir, you are going to be THE FINEST mayor this state has ever experienced~

Trust me, you are the type of candidate that we folks are STARVED for.

You are humble, you have a kind countenance, very well educated and yet you do not "talk down" to folks but you speak with and to folks, and with such common sense style. You don't use the biggest words you can just to make a flashy show of your education. You speak to us as if we were neighbors, out chatting in each others' front yards or… Continue

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Panos: Not the Status Quo.


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Main Points on Rail

-- Rail is not a legal system to build, yet. It has not finished the NEPA process.

-- Mufi was issued…


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