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AIKEA FOR HONOLULU No. 14 – BBC Interview – Olelo Show – Bye bye rail Mufia. Hello rail MOFia?

Earlier today I was interviewed by BBC at the Hawaii Public Radio studio about the contribution of rail spending to the bankruptcy of Greece. I have reported to you both the Economist (2011) and the New York Times (2009) coverage.

Greece’s rail extravaganza was about $13 Billion for 11 million…


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December 30, 2011 Letter to Friends and Supporters

Dear Friends, Campaign Volunteers and Supporters,

I would like you to be the first to know that I do not plan to run for Mayor of Honolulu in 2012.

We need to join forces and defeat the rail boondoggle in the courts. Good policies, good solutions, and sound budgets cannot be achieved with a permanent multi-billion dollar eyesore that will be fraught with construction, installation, operation and financing problems for decades.

Let's focus…


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June 2011 Letter to Friends

Dear Friend

I’d like to thank you for supporting my last campaign.


Though our last campaign was not successful we started to spread the message that Oahu’s transportation issues can be addressed without spending five billion dollars or more than $15,000 per family on Oahu. 

We have seen already that Peter Carlisle has become a ONE ISSUE mayor.  His sole purpose seems to be to build rail at any cost. While he is making multiple trips to Washington DC… Continue

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Most Cost Effective Campaign!

For second time in a row, we run the most cost effective campaign, according to this excerpted Civil Beat analysis:

Carlisle beat acting mayor Kirk Caldwell, also 57, who trailed Carlisle with 34.6 percent of votes. Engineer Panos Prevedouros, 48, drew 18.9 percent of votes. City Councilman Rod Tam earned 1.4 percent of votes.

Carlisle spent $429,535 on his campaign, meaning he spent an average of $5.71… Continue

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Two Financial Risk Analyses Clearly Show Honolulu Rail Project is Unaffordable

First was the 2009 Jacob's risk analysis report comissioned by the FTA. It said this:

At the present stage of pre-Preliminary Engineering, one can be 90% confident that the proposed project will cost between 5.2 and 10.2 billion dollars (Figure 1-1, page 1-10 of Jacobs report.) Once PE is done and the project enters Final Design, then its price tag is expected to narrow: The project will have a 90% chance of being built for a budget ranging between 4.8 and 8.1 billion… Continue

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Here is what your what your New Year's resolution should be!

I know you are busy this holiday season and you are fed up with rail info but you really cannot afford to ignore the state's financial report on the rail. Here is your brief.

The purpose of the report is not to say whether rail is good or not. The report explains what the proposed rail will cost and how it compares to others. The decision is ours.

First it's important to mention the impeccable reputation and expert subject knowledge of the primary authors of the report… Continue

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Do We Need a Transit Authority? How Much Will Rail Cost?

Please vote NO on the City Charter Amendment for Transit Authority. Here is why:

PURPOSE OF AUTHORITY -- To manage a complex multi-city or multi-county transit system with multiple bus systems and rail lines.

IS IT GOOD FOR OAHU? -- We are one city and county. We have TheBus and one possible rail line. We have a very simple structure for our transit. The proposed Transit Authority is totally NOT… Continue

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Oh the anguish!

Oh, the anguish!

If we are SO frustrated out here, it must be even more so for you and your family.

You, your family and supporters have put so much into this.

We have never been more informed about how the city works in these past 2 years than all the 30+ years of voting!!!

and truly, truly appreciate all the valuable intelligent information. We now know the questions to ask!

We hope you are able to take a moment to breathe...let us know what can happen… Continue

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A Vote for Panos is a vote for . . .

1. our children

2. smart growth

3. the environment

4. "right sized" government

5. smooth roads

6. smart and affordable solutions to tough problems

7. more local jobs

8. happier commutes!

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vote for panos is a vote for:

a vote for panos is a vote for:

... (new) (real) change

...clean living

...the next generation

...action not just talk

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My Vision for Oahu

My vision for Oahu in the next 50 years is a sustainable community of no more than one million people. An island that, if correctly designed, will have enough water, enough transportation and enough energy to

support its people and its visitors.

Our island does not need landmarks like the Empire State Building, Sears Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. Our island itself is an iconic…


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Common Sense Solutions to the City’s Problems

Wayne and Mona Parker

Owners, Partners in Design, Lanikai Home

It's simple. Here's why we're voting for Panos:

He has common sense solutions to the city’s problems

No political agenda

Not connected to any unions

Has the professional expertise and knowledge to understand and deal w/the city’s infrastructure problems

He is honest and straightforward, has integrity

Will end waste in city… Continue

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Panos on City Problems. Sensible Solutions.

PROBLEM – Sewers Consent Decree with EPA Will Cost Over $7 Billion If Done by the City

SOLUTION – A Public Private Partnership for reconstruction, maintenance and operation to infuse private capital, to share risk and to operate sewers like a utility. With PPP, construction costs decrease, quality and timeliness improve. Better management. Bottom line: lower monthly bills and better infrastructure.…


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Imua Panos!

Sonny Bradley the Hawaiian outrigger canoe craftsman.
Creator of the authentic Bradley canoes.

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Help save our beautiful island and vote Panos for Mayor.

Sam And Fred Kamaka

Kamaka Ukulele

For over 90 years we have always kept the unique beauty of our island in mind when doing business in Oahu.

The proposed rail project will be an ugly blight on our homeland. Panos will stop the rail and redirect funds towards common…

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Let's save O'ahu for our families and future generations.

Thomas, Nick and Katy Gambino

We love our island home and are terrified of where our current politicians are taking us.

Panos is an anti politician and the only hope for our city to solve its myriad problems. He will stop the $6 billion rail fiasco and redirect funds to common sense solutions.

Let's save O'ahu for our families and future…

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The Courage of his Convictions

Dale Evans, President

Owner, Charley's Taxi and Limousine

I believe in Panos Prevedouros.

Panos has the courage of his convictions to stake his name and reputation to tell the people that rail is the wrong project for the wrong place.

In recent years, I have observed Panos’ determination and foresight to make things right for the aina and for the… Continue

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A Mistake We Can't Afford to Make

Rob Burns

Founder/Owner: Local Motion Surf Company, Island Snow, Hawaiian Style Band, Hawaiian Style, Kahala Sportswear, Businessman, Native Hawaiian.

My first thought of the unwise and unsightly Rail Project was that it was a mistake we can't afford to make, a chance we literally can't afford to take. Panos' professional unbiased statistics educated me on the Rail… Continue

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Fiscal Irresponsibility, Not The Governor, Is Blocking Rail Project

Panos Prevedouros for Mayor

For immediate release

Peter Kay Campaign Chair & Spokesman, , 312-436-1941 …


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