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Panos Prevedouros: Mayor Of Our Hearts

As an expatriate Texan, I’ve been told that while most of us translate the word “Mahalo” as “thank you” the most appropriate and reverent interpretation from Hawaiian to English is in fact, “thank you for making me a part of your spirit.” As I reflect on the results of the Primary Election, I cannot refrain from saying to that bold, eccentric, and ultimately courageous engineer named Panos Prevedouros, “Mahalo.”

In the Bible’s book of Isaiah, a passage reads, “The people walking in… Continue

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Panos Dominates Honolulu Community College Forum

Today's HCC mayoral candidate forum between Hannemann's chief challengers, Ann Kobayashi and Panos Prevedouros was a moment that stood still in time as one of our candidate's finest hours. Student moderators asked Panos tough questions about the economy, the environment, and their future in Honolulu and he answered the questions clearly, convincingly, and with great conviction and passion. The greatest moment of today's forum was when Panos said that he would make Honolulu the most… Continue

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Ask The "Experts": Is Mufi Hannemann’s Victory A Sure Thing?

Hawaii’s political pundits are all over the 2008 Mayoral Primary like white on rice. So many of them – ranging from newspaper columnists to University of Hawaii political scientists – seem so quick to pronounce political doom upon candidate Dr. Panos Prevedouros and almost certain victory upon incumbent Mayor Mufi Hannemann. After all, with three million dollars, screaming groupies and the support of both labor unions and rail contractors, how could incumbent Hannemann possibly… Continue

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Barack Obama Supporters Vote For Panos Prevedouros In Honolulu Primary

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said at the 2008 convention that “Our government should work for us, not against us. It should help us, not hurt us. It should ensure opportunity not just for those with the most money and influence, but for every American who’s willing to work. That’s the promise of America: the idea that we are responsible for ourselves, but that we rise and fall as one nation, the fundamental belief that I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper. That’s… Continue

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Silence Is Golden: HOT Lanes Will Restore And Preserve Oahu's Island Ease

With the 51st anniversary of the first manmade satellite being launched into orbit just around the corner, I am reminded of the days of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin, when the world trembled at the sound of Soviet rockets. Today, we must seek to awe people once more, with the sound of our silence - with HOT Lanes for Honolulu.

With a steel wheel on steel rail system in place, Honolulu will have to hear the rocket-like roar and scream of rail twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But… Continue

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Do You Want The Deafening Roar Of Rail In Your Neighborhood?


We are not a Big City.

We are an Island State.

Our Island Views:

Manoa Valley, Honolulu Harbor and Aloha Tower among others, blocked by rail and rail stations. Noise: Listen in- do you know how noisy rail is? Small Business: Long time businesses including Scott Slippers, Art Nelson Sailmakers, Tropical Lamps and Tahiti Imports will be shut down or put out of… Continue

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Hawaii Theatre Mayoral Debate Brings Out True Candidate Colors

Hawaii Theatre Mayoral Debate Brings Out True Candidate Colors

The Courage To Raise Taxes, Song and Dance Leadership, and Four More Years* of Mufi

By Daniel de Gracia, II

Last night’s mayoral debate at the Hawaii Theatre was not so much a lesson in election politics as it was a case study in Freudian psychology. It’s not uncommon in an election year for candidates to be derided by their opponents as doing a song and dance for the people while secretly planning… Continue

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Deploying The Message For Panos

Panos needs our help in getting his message out to the community, and every little bit that you as his supporters do can make a difference! Here's a few pointers:

-Be alert everywhere you go. Always look for people who you can talk to or help out as an platform and opportunity to have a window of time to talk to them about Panos. Remember to SMILE always and speak in a pleasant tone to everyone you meet. If you bring in the… Continue

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Panos On Olelo's "For Ewa Today"

I just finished watching an outstanding interview of Honolulu mayoral candidate Dr. Panos Prevedouros on the Olelo program "For Ewa Today" (right click here to download to your computer and view). This was yet another outstanding demonstration of how Dr. Prevedouros not only knows the issues, but knows the solutions to those issues that challenge Honolulu.

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Panos Prevedouros: Our Man, Our City, Our Time

HEARKENING BACK TO THE GLORIOUS TWILIGHT of an American general who twice saved freedom in the Pacific, three words echo in the theater of my mind when I think of Honolulu mayoral candidate Panos Prevedouros: Duty, Honor, Country. Like the tumultuous time of decades past, freedom is once again in danger in the Pacific. Today, we face neither bayonet nor cannon, but the onset of a dangerous belief by our existing…


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