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Residents of Waianae and West Oahu lack evacuation exit

The residents and visitors in Waianae Coast and West Oahu are vulnerable due to insufficient highway capacity to evacuate in the event of anticipated catastrophic hurricane. The need is decades old with no safe exitway yet.

Ongoing hurricanes in mainland U.S. this summer illustrate the urgency and utility for highway evacuation. Reversible HOT lanes in Indiana/Chicago area were opened, free of charge for alternate route.

Indiana Toll Rd Concession Company drops… Continue

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Dear Panos: run again and win next time!

Panos ran a very respectable first race for political office. The outcome of this General Election remains to be seen. Mufi will undoubtedly outspend and ratchet up his attacks against Ann Kobayashi and her allies.

Honolulu needs a mayor who really can fix the many problems facing Oahu taxpayers. In the next two years, what do we expect from an absentee mayor who will be too busy running for higher office?

Panos should run again for mayor and win next… Continue

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‘Planning with Loaded Dice’


As a transportation authority, TransLink is a somewhat typical example of poor accountability to the public, inability to control costs and chronic deficits that require higher tax increases on local taxpayers. Businesses and non-residential property taxpayers bear the brunt. Cuts in bus service deprive mobility to riders who rely most on public transit. Traffic congestion worsens for motorists, and jeopardizes economic… Continue

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Is Vancouver’s TransLink a Model Fit for Honolulu?

TransLink is an un-elected agency with taxing powers, responsible for major regional roads and public transit in South Coast British Columbia. It started placing ads in May 2008 telling people to carpool, telecommute and bike — instead of riding transit.

How “profitable” is Vancouver’s rail system, as Councilman Gary Okino insists?


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Mufi's elevated rail for Honolulu? See Tyson's rail to Dulles

Seeing the ruckus the people and businesses in McLean, Virginia are putting up (by rail supporters) against 3.5 miles of elevated rail, the silence here is deafening, except for the local chapters of the American Institute of Architects and American Planning Association.

Go to:

Take a look at Slides #5 and #6 in the photos of actual structures

The Face of Elevated Rail, View a short slide…

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Mufi's Evacuation Plan for Honolulu's rail is ... what?

Somehow, Seattle’s monorail got built without a safe evacuation plan.

“It just stopped” – Monorail breaks down, firefighters rescue passengers,

Brad Wong, Seattle P-I, 8/25/08

Monorail stops with 200 passengers stranded aboard for 90 minutes. “The heat was unbearable” and after 20 minutes, passengers managed to open an emergency door. Firefighters arrived to set up their aerial… Continue

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Mufi's train cost keeps escalating, like Denver's FasTracks

The price of Denver's FasTracks rail system is a lesson for Honolulu's taxpayers. FasTracks is already under construction.

Rail in Denver: “Build it no matter what it costs.”

Original estimated cost was $2.8 billion.

FasTracks price tag jumps, Jeffrey Leib, Denver Post, 8/21/08

Cost estimate is now $7.9… Continue

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Mufi's Matrix

Do we need it, can we afford it, can we maintain it?

— Mufi Hanneman’s campaign slogan 2004

Numbers on rail just don’t work out,

Janet Jensen, CPA in Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 8/23/08

“Like most Hawaii residents, I would like to see a mass transit system but it needs to make economic sense. The current $3.7 billion budget for rail is based on 2006 dollars. If we… Continue

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Mufi puts politics before innovative financing

Mufi ignores US and international examples of privately funded HOT projects. The taxpayers of Oahu are saddled with needless burdens and risks in developing and financing infrastructure.

Companies offer to build 1550 miles of toll expressway around Bangalore India, TollroadsNews, 8/19/08

Swiss Challenge System: encourages unsolicited proposals to gain innovation and to prevent highway investment being limited to a… Continue

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Mufi's Way to reduce auto driving

The mayor is currently running radio ads preaching the way to reduce traffic congestion is to reduce driving. Check out how social engineering goes in Portland Oregon:

The Failures of Government Planning (Despite the “Best-Laid Plans”), Randal O’Toole, Privatization Watch, Reason Foundation, Vol. 31, 2008

In Portland, Oregon, land use planners ordered a church to allow no more than 70 people to worship in its 400-seat… Continue

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Mufi's Warchest

Riding Hawaii's Gravy Train, all about the people who are filling Mufi's war chest.
Stay tuned for more info ...

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