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Panos making progress in PBN online poll. Vote!

C'mon folks -- let's show the good people at PBN who the citizens [not the "establishment"] of O'ahu is behind!

and professor, if you could get a sit-down with PBN before next Saturday that would be great! they tend to be a decently fair media organ imo and they have a broad-based readership ...

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KGMB debate liveblog -- come on in!

giving instructions now ...

candidates just got introduced -- the professor looks good in his jacket and shirt ...

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Panos pwns on olelo

Was able to catch a portion of Panos and Malia Z. chatting on channel 54 early this evening. The professor was reasoned, measured, and factual as he eviscerated the rail boondoggle, as well as much of the other infastructure follies we face at present. Kudos to Malia for offering Panos the platform.

Question -- will this be repeated? Would love to catch the entire 1/2 hour at some point ...

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Yeah, what is the deal with traffic lights?

From Panos' profile page -- "He has sat at one unsynchronized traffic light after another"

As have we all ...

Which begs the question -- in a city with relatively few major surface streets and rather well-known patterns of flow & volume during the course of a typical workday, what POSSIBLE reason can be given for such poor system control on an ongoing basis? I presume our candidate could offer up some technical opinions based upon his past work, but I would like to go even… Continue

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