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Lying to the Masses - If we elect politicians who lie to us, we deserve the consequences.

The Honolulu proposed Rail project is a Mega-project that requires a forceful approach to get Oahu's population to support it.

It requires hiding the negative aspects and highlighting the positive aspects, through large investments on media publicity, paid publicity consultants, and a great…

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Artists! There's hope with Panos...

A Mayor's duties: Culture & The Arts, Parks & Recreation

I have a lot of friends in the arts. Strangely, I've recently learned how much a Mayor does in terms of cultural, artistic, recreation which is all tied into Tourism. And tourism is tied into culture…

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FEIS for Rail - Is the Rail Guide-Way Protected from Terrorism?

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Rail project on Oahu is a required step in a long chain of steps. It is not, in itself, complete approval for the project, or it wouldn't be at the Governor's desk awaiting signature.…


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Rail on a nice day..... photo. So what happens when it's RAINING??

Ups ! I guess the City forgot that one year it rained on Oahu for 41 days in a row. It was horrible.

So, if Rail is supposed to convince people to leave their cars home (or not own one), and use the Rail to get places.... what happens when it rains? Same thing that happens on The…

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It's Time to Figure


It's Time to Figure…

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