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Juan DeV-Muñoz's Blog – September 2010 Archive (3)

Lying to the Masses - If we elect politicians who lie to us, we deserve the consequences.

The Honolulu proposed Rail project is a Mega-project that requires a forceful approach to get Oahu's population to support it.

It requires hiding the negative aspects and highlighting the positive aspects, through large investments on media publicity, paid publicity consultants, and a great…

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Artists! There's hope with Panos...

A Mayor's duties: Culture & The Arts, Parks & Recreation

I have a lot of friends in the arts. Strangely, I've recently learned how much a Mayor does in terms of cultural, artistic, recreation which is all tied into Tourism. And tourism is tied into culture…

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FEIS for Rail - Is the Rail Guide-Way Protected from Terrorism?

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Rail project on Oahu is a required step in a long chain of steps. It is not, in itself, complete approval for the project, or it wouldn't be at the Governor's desk awaiting signature.…


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