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AIKEA FOR HONOLULU No. 14 – BBC Interview – Olelo Show – Bye bye rail Mufia. Hello rail MOFia?

Earlier today I was interviewed by BBC at the Hawaii Public Radio studio about the contribution of rail spending to the bankruptcy of Greece. I have reported to you both the Economist (2011) and the New York Times (2009) coverage.

Greece’s rail extravaganza was about $13 Billion for 11 million…


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December 30, 2011 Letter to Friends and Supporters

Dear Friends, Campaign Volunteers and Supporters,

I would like you to be the first to know that I do not plan to run for Mayor of Honolulu in 2012.

We need to join forces and defeat the rail boondoggle in the courts. Good policies, good solutions, and sound budgets cannot be achieved with a permanent multi-billion dollar eyesore that will be fraught with construction, installation, operation and financing problems for decades.

Let's focus…


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June 2011 Letter to Friends

Dear Friend

I’d like to thank you for supporting my last campaign.


Though our last campaign was not successful we started to spread the message that Oahu’s transportation issues can be addressed without spending five billion dollars or more than $15,000 per family on Oahu. 

We have seen already that Peter Carlisle has become a ONE ISSUE mayor.  His sole purpose seems to be to build rail at any cost. While he is making multiple trips to Washington DC… Continue

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Here is what your what your New Year's resolution should be!

I know you are busy this holiday season and you are fed up with rail info but you really cannot afford to ignore the state's financial report on the rail. Here is your brief.

The purpose of the report is not to say whether rail is good or not. The report explains what the proposed rail will cost and how it compares to others. The decision is ours.

First it's important to mention the impeccable reputation and expert subject knowledge of the primary authors of the report… Continue

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Two Financial Risk Analyses Clearly Show Honolulu Rail Project is Unaffordable

First was the 2009 Jacob's risk analysis report comissioned by the FTA. It said this:

At the present stage of pre-Preliminary Engineering, one can be 90% confident that the proposed project will cost between 5.2 and 10.2 billion dollars (Figure 1-1, page 1-10 of Jacobs report.) Once PE is done and the project enters Final Design, then its price tag is expected to narrow: The project will have a 90% chance of being built for a budget ranging between 4.8 and 8.1 billion… Continue

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Most Cost Effective Campaign!

For second time in a row, we run the most cost effective campaign, according to this excerpted Civil Beat analysis:

Carlisle beat acting mayor Kirk Caldwell, also 57, who trailed Carlisle with 34.6 percent of votes. Engineer Panos Prevedouros, 48, drew 18.9 percent of votes. City Councilman Rod Tam earned 1.4 percent of votes.

Carlisle spent $429,535 on his campaign, meaning he spent an average of $5.71… Continue

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Do We Need a Transit Authority? How Much Will Rail Cost?

Please vote NO on the City Charter Amendment for Transit Authority. Here is why:

PURPOSE OF AUTHORITY -- To manage a complex multi-city or multi-county transit system with multiple bus systems and rail lines.

IS IT GOOD FOR OAHU? -- We are one city and county. We have TheBus and one possible rail line. We have a very simple structure for our transit. The proposed Transit Authority is totally NOT… Continue

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My Vision for Oahu

My vision for Oahu in the next 50 years is a sustainable community of no more than one million people. An island that, if correctly designed, will have enough water, enough transportation and enough energy to

support its people and its visitors.

Our island does not need landmarks like the Empire State Building, Sears Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. Our island itself is an iconic…


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Panos on Hawaii News Now


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Taking a serious look at the "dark horse" candidate - From Brad C.

Like many others, I have recently been taking a much more serious look at the “dark horse” mayoral candidacy of Dr. Panos Prevedouros.

Ironically, I am much closer on a personal level to former Prosecutor Peter Carlisle since we were both contemporaries at UCLA Law School and have been friends for nearly…


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Statement from Campaign Chair on recent Hawaii News Now Poll

Today, Hawaii News Now released a poll showing our campaign with little more than 10% of the vote. This poll made up of likely Democrat primary voters is not surprising. The polls we have seen that incorporate independent and conservative voters show a dramatically different result. We know from our daily feedback that the momentum is on our side. The people are quickly understanding that the choice this election…

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Recent Poll shows us ahead by over 50 points.

While we love the results of this poll, we don't really believe we're ahead by 50 points. Nor we believe other polls that show us in a distant 3rd place either. That being said, we're ahead in this poll by over 50 points!


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Hawaii News Now Poll shows us in the lead

Panos is the People's Choice for Mayor!

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Are you a "Cromwell"?

I just received this heart-tugging email from John D:

Dear Panos--In 1976, a movie called "Cromwell" came out, with Richard Harris as the actor- He was a member of the House of Commons, England, back in the old days- He was so sick and tired of the Taxation System of his day, he said, "eff it", and decided to take his Family to the new world to get away from it all, but a very close friend came to him, and said " you cannot just save yourselves, and leave us"! So, he…

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You really had to be there

This email was recently forwarded to me from someone in the audience at a recent New Hope mayoral forum. I've copied/pasted it unedited.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share about the Mayoral Forum that was hosted by New Hope tonight (8/18). The candidates present were Peter Carlisle, Kirk Caldwell and Panos Prevedouros. It was very interesting, to say the least.

In a nutshell, Peter and Panos professed their…

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Carol Y: Other candidates do not match up to Panos

I am strongly supporting Dr. Panos Prevedouros for mayor. His opponents, who are pro-rail ala Mufi, are Kirk Caldwell (current managing director), Rod Tam (city council member), and Peter Carlisle (city prosecutor). Of these candidates, Panos is…

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Honolulu Emergency Mismanagement

The following is an actual letter demonstrating City Hall Mismanagement.

The particulars were altered to protect Person and Company.

Dear Panos,

I want things fixed in Honolulu. Mufi has been a disaster. Aside from the sewer issues and the bulk trash pickup, the latest really floored me.

Every year, I submit a Tier 2 submission to the State of Hawaii Dept of… Continue

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Linda Lingle sets the record straight on rail

Listen to Linda Lingle point this out directly:

"Who gets elected makes a difference".

"There is a candidate that has clearly stated he wants a different kind of transportation" (That's me she's referring to, BTW :)

"Some of the others have said they want rail to go to the windward side as well" (That's Peter Carlisle's infamous position on…

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More on Rail Jobs and Electric Cars

Pua: I've had several people use the justification for rail that it will give jobs to many unskilled workers and unemployed residents...AND...there won't be cars in 15-20 years. How do you respond to this reasoning?

Rail is a technology that will be purchased and "helicoptered into place" much like the airplanes Hawaiian Air buys. They do create jobs,

but… Continue

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From Rob B: We Need Panos!

Traffic time kills productivity for business owners. It also kills a worker's "off time" with his/her family and productive things they need to do for their families because they're sitting in traffic. Stop and go is hard on cars. We have the distinguished first place position for being the highest cost area to own a car in the United States.
The #1 reason both businesses and workers need Panos is to stop the rail and the destructive path it will create. If history repeats…

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