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Taking a serious look at the "dark horse" candidate - From Brad C.

Like many others, I have recently been taking a much more serious look at the “dark horse” mayoral candidacy of Dr. Panos Prevedouros.

Ironically, I am much closer on a personal level to former Prosecutor Peter Carlisle since we were both contemporaries at UCLA Law School and have been friends for nearly…


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Statement from Campaign Chair on recent Hawaii News Now Poll

Today, Hawaii News Now released a poll showing our campaign with little more than 10% of the vote. This poll made up of likely Democrat primary voters is not surprising. The polls we have seen that incorporate independent and conservative voters show a dramatically different result. We know from our daily feedback that the momentum is on our side. The people are quickly understanding that the choice this election…

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Recent Poll shows us ahead by over 50 points.

While we love the results of this poll, we don't really believe we're ahead by 50 points. Nor we believe other polls that show us in a distant 3rd place either. That being said, we're ahead in this poll by over 50 points!


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Hawaii News Now Poll shows us in the lead

Panos is the People's Choice for Mayor!

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Are you a "Cromwell"?

I just received this heart-tugging email from John D:

Dear Panos--In 1976, a movie called "Cromwell" came out, with Richard Harris as the actor- He was a member of the House of Commons, England, back in the old days- He was so sick and tired of the Taxation System of his day, he said, "eff it", and decided to take his Family to the new world to get away from it all, but a very close friend came to him, and said " you cannot just save yourselves, and leave us"! So, he…

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You really had to be there

This email was recently forwarded to me from someone in the audience at a recent New Hope mayoral forum. I've copied/pasted it unedited.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share about the Mayoral Forum that was hosted by New Hope tonight (8/18). The candidates present were Peter Carlisle, Kirk Caldwell and Panos Prevedouros. It was very interesting, to say the least.

In a nutshell, Peter and Panos professed their…

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Carol Y: Other candidates do not match up to Panos

I am strongly supporting Dr. Panos Prevedouros for mayor. His opponents, who are pro-rail ala Mufi, are Kirk Caldwell (current managing director), Rod Tam (city council member), and Peter Carlisle (city prosecutor). Of these candidates, Panos is…

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Honolulu Emergency Mismanagement

The following is an actual letter demonstrating City Hall Mismanagement.

The particulars were altered to protect Person and Company.

Dear Panos,

I want things fixed in Honolulu. Mufi has been a disaster. Aside from the sewer issues and the bulk trash pickup, the latest really floored me.

Every year, I submit a Tier 2 submission to the State of Hawaii Dept of… Continue

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Linda Lingle sets the record straight on rail

Listen to Linda Lingle point this out directly:

"Who gets elected makes a difference".

"There is a candidate that has clearly stated he wants a different kind of transportation" (That's me she's referring to, BTW :)

"Some of the others have said they want rail to go to the windward side as well" (That's Peter Carlisle's infamous position on…

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More on Rail Jobs and Electric Cars

Pua: I've had several people use the justification for rail that it will give jobs to many unskilled workers and unemployed residents...AND...there won't be cars in 15-20 years. How do you respond to this reasoning?

Rail is a technology that will be purchased and "helicoptered into place" much like the airplanes Hawaiian Air buys. They do create jobs,

but… Continue

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From Rob B: We Need Panos!

Traffic time kills productivity for business owners. It also kills a worker's "off time" with his/her family and productive things they need to do for their families because they're sitting in traffic. Stop and go is hard on cars. We have the distinguished first place position for being the highest cost area to own a car in the United States.
The #1 reason both businesses and workers need Panos is to stop the rail and the destructive path it will create. If history repeats…

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From Karen T.

Sir, you are going to be THE FINEST mayor this state has ever experienced~

Trust me, you are the type of candidate that we folks are STARVED for.

You are humble, you have a kind countenance, very well educated and yet you do not "talk down" to folks but you speak with and to folks, and with such common sense style. You don't use the biggest words you can just to make a flashy show of your education. You speak to us as if we were neighbors, out chatting in each others' front yards or… Continue

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From: Saralyn R.

Just want to say someone yelled into my window today (your magnet is on
my car) that everyone else is corrupt and you are exactly what we need
and gave me a thumbs up. Keep going! We do need you.

Saralyn R

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from Rolf N.

Electing Panos is important to me and my family. Events such as these
are valuable. I got two phone calls, an email and a personal visit today
in my shop from folks who were there. All expressed interest in helping
Panos. One desires to hold a “talk story” event at his Diamond head

Mahalo and Aloha,
Rolf N

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From Kali G

I believe many of us WANT to elect you Mayor of our great city,,,,and
would look forward to hearing from your staff re our requests to help..........Please
reassure us that once in office, our voices will in fact be heard, and
responded to,,,,yes? :-)

Stay well, and be safe,

Kali G.

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From Kevin M

Keep up the good fight! I am trying to tell everyone about you all the
time. I enjoyed listening to you at our little subdivision forum 2 weeks
ago too.


Kevin M

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From Lavonna Y:

I agree with your thinking, the Islands are so fragile it would be a
shame to turn Honolulu into a New York City look alike. As far as public

transportation I find the bus system in Honolulu excellent, even to the North Shore.

Lavonna Y

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Four Good Questions from Supporter Steven Kent

1. Can the fragile and struggling Oahu tourism economy survive 10 years of negative impact as dusty, noisy, ugly construction is carried out on the rail?

2. With billions in underground infrastructure in need of repair, traffic lights in need of synchronization, roads in disrepair and education at substandard levels, do we have any business spending $6+ billion on a rail system that only serves a few?

3. Can our residents handle the compounding tax burden that is inevitable to… Continue

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