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Panos Prevedouros: Our Man, Our City, Our Time

HEARKENING BACK TO THE GLORIOUS TWILIGHT of an American general who twice saved freedom in the Pacific, three words echo in the theater of my mind when I think of Honolulu mayoral candidate Panos Prevedouros: Duty, Honor, Country. Like the tumultuous time of decades past, freedom is once again in danger in the Pacific. Today, we face neither bayonet nor cannon, but the onset of a dangerous belief by our existing leadership that the people of Oahu have no business determining for themselves what their future should be. But in this time, as before, we are not without a great general who has arisen to fight for freedom, and his name is Panos Prevedouros.

A new army has been raised, from whose ranks come a different kind of soldier: they are the nurses, the waitresses and waiters, the teachers, the taxi cab drivers, the small business owners, the college students, the elderly, and all people who say that they love their freedom, they love Oahu, but they hate what's happened to Oahu these last four years. These are the people who believe in the promise that is America, the people who cannot afford to support campaigns but do, the people who have gathered their voice in the same purposeful spirit as General Douglas MacArthur who urged his countrymen, "Don't scuttle the Pacific."

This week, Hawaii will celebrate it's 49th anniversary of Statehood. We have not come all these years and overcome such great odds to be ruled for another four years by leadership so oppressive, so dim, and so disrespectful to the institution of free thought.

Duty, Honor, Country tells us that we are a generation to whom much is expected. It tells us that we are meant to live by conscience and choice, not by mandate. It tells us that it is immoral that a man should work with sweat upon his brow, only to surrender his income to the tax collector. It tells us that we have good reason to take pride in ourselves, in our community, and in our country, and that we deserve a leader upon which the mantle of courage rests. It tells us that Panos Prevedouros is the one, true choice in this election, and that our time, fellow friends, is now.

For the sake of all the magnificent accomplishments of our statehood and legacy of freedom, don't scuttle the Pacific; support Panos Prevedouros for Honolulu Mayor and return Oahu to the hands of the people. Stand firm. Don't give way to intimidation. Speak and keep speaking until you are heard. FDR steeled Hawaii a little more than half a century ago to remember that the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

God bless Hawaii, and God bless all of you.

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