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Mufi puts politics before innovative financing

Mufi ignores US and international examples of privately funded HOT projects. The taxpayers of Oahu are saddled with needless burdens and risks in developing and financing infrastructure.

Companies offer to build 1550 miles of toll expressway around Bangalore India, TollroadsNews, 8/19/08

Swiss Challenge System: encourages unsolicited proposals to gain innovation and to prevent highway investment being limited to a set of projects developed by politicians and bureaucrats. The challenge part gives competitors an opportunity to make better proposals during a set period from the time the initial unsolicited offer is published. Then in stage three, after the competing bids or challenges are received, the initial proposer has an exclusive right to come back and make a best and final offer.

India now has the world's second largest highway building program after China. Both depend almost entirely on toll financing and private equity. Both are administered in a highly decentralized fashion with states and provinces and cities taking the lead and the central government playing a subordinate role.

Different approaches unconstrained by central rules allow experimentation and comparisons.

We need Panos as Mayor of Honolulu - who recognizes that money does not grow on trees - to use latest technology and cost effective ways including innovative financing, to make Honolulu a better city for the people and businesses of Honolulu.

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Comment by Kaunaloa on August 21, 2008 at 7:17pm
"private equity" ... "decentralized fashion"

u do realize muffy has NO CONCEPTION of those concepts, right?



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