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Aloha All,
I am so energized and delighted by this campaign and what it represents. I admit I'm biased in my view because of my engineering background. The rigors of the engineering discipline gives me a great appreciation for those who can handle the engineering math and course work in college (my friends who went to school as engineers will attest to this), and the level of intelligence one must possess to pursue an advanced degree in engineering let alone a PhD in the discipline is far beyond my comprehension. Panos makes the compelling argument as to why he is uniquely qualified at this time to be our Mayor. His understanding of our citys infrastructure needs and his technical savvy will keep certain consultant types honest and propel us into the 21st Century.

What is not beyond my comprehension, however, is the recognition that we are on the verge of new era of reformation. Its clear the current administration and their minions represent all that we despise about our city govenment. For our current mayor, it appears to be about special interests and their influence, the high taxes we pay to support the folly of grand ambitions, a loss of freedom and liberties because our voices are not heard and the loss of our ability to care for our loved ones because our economic value is being diminshed by taxes and govenmental fees. Oh and let me not forget the politcal contributions. Government at the city level continues to be intrusive and returns very little benefit. If our current administration was a benefit to the people of Honolulu, there would be no complaints. Well the voices are loud, clear and specific. We need an honest, ethical and smart "Keeper of Gold". We have that in Dr. Prevedouros.

The Reformation of Honolulu will begin with a healthy respect for the individuals who make up our great community. Where all voices are heard and where common sense and not political ambitions prevail. Dr. Panos in his interview tonight captures what has been missing from Hawaii politics for so long. And that is a return to ethics and morality, a respect for all individual citizens and a belief that the wisdom of our community is worth being heard. So Lets Fix Oahu and Save Honolulu.

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Comment by Danny on September 3, 2008 at 7:08am
Thanks Gerry!



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