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On the Hot Seat w/Alicia Maluafiti of Pro Rail Group

I read through this blog and could not determine what was fact and what was fiction. There were several point made but a few really jumped out at me. A lot of questions were not answered and clearly, Alicia could have been much better informed. Let me address my concerns over this Hot Seat blog.

She talks about the Big Picture! Does anyone know what this Big Picture looks like or is this a secret plan the city is yet to unveil.

Second thing that jumps out at me is the victim mindset. Its as if all of Oahu are ganging up on the folks in the Ewa plain. How ridiculous is that. What's even scarier is the implication that their views (Mufi, Alicia and Pro Rail folks) and their beliefs should be forced on us, because they have an understanding that the rest of us just don't seem to grasp.

Third, I support having our children stay in Hawaii. It is to me a matter of releasing the creativity, potential and drive of our children to achieve things beyond our abilities and imagination. This takes nurturing, education and an entrepreneural spirit. In this effort our children will build the wealth necessary to purchase a home and they won't have to settle for less than what they are willing to strive for. I just don't see how building the rail will guarantee affordable housing for future generations and even if it did, do we want affordable housing which is nothing more than government housing. I think not.

Fourth, there seems to be a theme that the rail will provide more green space, jobs, care for the elderly and provide a idyllic lifestyle. I did not realize that the rail was going to cure all of our social issues and make me happy. If it did all of this, I say spend more money. Clearly with a project of this magnitude and reach in our lives, how can we afford to not spend more for all the promises that it will bring. We won't mind an intrusive city goverment if it takes care of all our problems. So they think.

A return to common sense and reality are what will FIX OAHU! Vote for Panos and Save Honolulu!

The thoughts of a graduate of the Hawaii Public School System.

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Comment by Kaunaloa on September 6, 2008 at 9:06pm
This is what happens when you throw away the facts and try to sell something solely on feeling -- ANY remotely objective analysis shows that if the question is how do we truly "move the needle" to improve O'ahu traffic, muffy's rail is NOT the answer -- full stop. So the administration has chosen to essentially double down and paint ANY opponent of rail, no matter their stripe: anti-progress, anti-children, anti-environmental, hell, one step short of anti-American. They are relying on the entrenched interests to herd the sheeple to the polls on 9/20 and put their dude into slot 1 or 2, and best case in their mind sweep the whole thing. It is up to we the people to open the eyes of our friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, passersby etc. to choose to not WILLINGLY go down a ruinous path.



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