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Aloha Everyone,
I hope you had a chance to read the article in the Advertiser this morning. It was fabulous and more importantly it may be the push that Dr. P needed to get his name registered on peoples "the things that interest me" list. I have to say it was great getting home from California yesterday and opening this mornings paper to see Panos and the write up that followed. If Mufi is out there wondering why people are messing with his Kool-Aid all he has to do is read this article on Panos.

Interestingly, from my perspective I see this as David vs. Goliath. I won't say who is who but I think you get the associations. Interestingly there is a Greek story from the Iliad that is very similar to the David and Goliath story from the Bible. The Iliad tells of a little guy by the name of Nestor, who like David, offers himself up to fight Ereuthalion the Goliath of his time and defeats him in combat. In the face of overwhelming odds he persues and accepts the challenge and wins his battle not for himself but for a greater cause. He rallies his troops and vanquishes the enemy. I'm not suggesting that the same be done to our 6'7" mayor but rather this is allegorical in thought. As you all know David went on to become a great King of Israel and Nestor went on be a wise couselor and motivator in the stories of the Iliad. Nestor had the ability to bring order out of disorder. I would suggest with Panos' education, experience and determination that he can perhaps bring us back from the edge.

Reading the article about Panos reminded me of the struggle between David and Goliath and Nestor and Ereuthalion. Through common sense, a deep belief and insight are you able to overcome great adversity and odds. When the right warrior rises up not because he is told to do so but because in his heart there is the faith, confidence and the knowledge that he does not only what is right but also what is good. As Abraham Lincoln once wrote: "right makes might" and as we pursue the singleminded purpose to Save Honolulu, we are locked in this battle by meager means to prevail in this contest and set Honolulu on its rightful destiny for our families, friends and community.

Gerry Nagamine
A graduate of the Hawaii Public School System

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