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Panos Dominates Honolulu Community College Forum

Today's HCC mayoral candidate forum between Hannemann's chief challengers, Ann Kobayashi and Panos Prevedouros was a moment that stood still in time as one of our candidate's finest hours. Student moderators asked Panos tough questions about the economy, the environment, and their future in Honolulu and he answered the questions clearly, convincingly, and with great conviction and passion. The greatest moment of today's forum was when Panos said that he would make Honolulu the most technologically advanced city in the world, and we would build it together and see it rise together. Students were captivated by Panos' message and charmed by his sense of humor, and after the forum was over, many people flocked to shake his hand.

With three days remaining until the Primary, today's event showed that Panos is truly the leader that Honolulu has been waiting for. In many ways, watching Panos' campaign develop from beginning to now has been like watching this scene in the film Men of Honor ...

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Comment by Kaunaloa on September 18, 2008 at 11:44am
Let us show that we actually get youth to vote here -- woudl be a great segment to add to the army o' panos ...



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