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Ok! I had this thought pass through my head today. I said to myself, what if I'm wrong on this whole rail issue and of giving my best effort to get Panos elected Mayor. Mufi should get a fair shake and a little consideration---right. After all if you exclude his political appointees and non-bid contractors there are people that would vote for him---right. So what would be a fair question to ask in this situation? So I thought how about this, What are Mufi' accomplishments as Mayor? I thought, yeah, this is a fair question. Lets see if we can find some specifics.

But where to start.
Hmmm. How about his ad in the Advertiser yesterday. You know the full page one. Thats a great place to start. Here's the list of accomplishments:

1. He is endorsed by at least 13 Unions or more (there was even a bullet point that said "and more" impressive even though I'm not sure just exactly what "and more" means).

2. Moving on, he is endorsed by the Honolulu Advertiser and Star Bulletin. Now I'm really impressed. Their non-biased editorials really hit home.

3. The Advertiser said "Mufi Hannemann offers clearest vision for Oahu. Honolulu has come a long way in fours years, and a long job list for the next four is beginning to unfurl". Halelujah, the fog has lifted and now I can see all the potholes and sewage pipes in my way. Hey wait a minute, I thought Kalihi was only 12 blocks from city hall. I guess on Oahu that's a long way.

4. The Advertiser also said, "In his first four years, Mayor Hannemann has left the city in better shape than when he began:".

Then they lay out 4 bullet points. Alright we're finally getting to the real substance. Here's what the Advertiser said:

"Honolulu is on the brink of building, at long last, a metropolitan transportation network that will help its residents get where they need to go". How did Mufi know that I needed to get to Waipahu! I'm worried will there be enough room on the train that goes from Kapolei to Waipahu?

Here's the next bullet point. "Honolulu is in healthy financial condition, with a better bond rating that it had at the start of the term". Can you find the typo? Give up? OK, I think "that" should be "than" or maybe I don't understand this form of pigeoneese. Hey its OK, I'm glad the city bond rating went up, even if mine went down. Heck who looks at bond ratings anyway.

The next bullet point is, "The community has moved closer to a more sustainable relationship with the environment, the curbside recycling programs being a welcome addition". And to think I was worried that the envrionment would want a divorce over expanding Waimanalo Gulch.

And the last bullet point, "Hannemann...has been an active ambassador for the city in forging networks with other mayors and in Washington, D.C.". His song and dance really made a difference for Honolulu.

Well those are the specifics at least for now. So let me ask my question again, What are Mufi' accomplishments as Mayor? Are you as impressed as I am. Stay tuned and maybe we'll learn how 20 years of politicking and impressive job titles will fix our problems.

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