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Rob Burns
Founder/Owner: Local Motion Surf Company, Island Snow, Hawaiian Style Band, Hawaiian Style, Kahala Sportswear, Businessman, Native Hawaiian.

My first thought of the unwise and unsightly Rail Project was that it was a mistake we can't afford to make, a chance we literally can't afford to take. Panos' professional unbiased statistics educated me on the Rail Project.

As I learned about the details of the Rail Project I soon thought of a much more egregious problem: the Rail Project construction mess will be a job, business, and tourism killer. The more than likely 10+ years of non-stop construction of the Rail Project will be like a war zone in the center of our island. Like a shock wave, it will spread in all directions, creating the worst traffic O'ahu has ever encountered.

Unrelenting daily construction will someday net a 1% Rail ridership with a bill of more than $6+ BILLION dollars. Anyone who has lived here long enough knows that the time and cost to build public projects often surpasses the political promises by 50-100%. This Rail is not worth the loss of jobs, business failures, and blow to our economic engine... tourism. The Rail Project will likely cause tourists to flee for other less congested destinations, perhaps avoiding Hawaii all together.

Let's think logistically, traffic is the problem and the Rail is a bigger problem, not the answer. There are many realistic, believable solutions that will actually lesson traffic. Panos has those solutions. Some naysayers call him a one trick pony. His expertise, understanding and capability of running the City of Honolulu are so much greater than the other candidates it's laughable.

Panos is a problem solver, our Mayor needs to prioritize. If the Rail Project is implemented we will not have the money to take care of Federally mandated repair of our sewers, our degrading streets and traffic congestion. Panos has forgotten more about the running of the things you need to run the City than the other candidates ever will know. We need Panos and Panos CAN WIN!

Please support PANOS, an Engineer not a Politician.

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