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Honolulu needs an engineer for it's next mayor
September 18th marks a turning point for Oahu as we will "hire" a new mayor on that day. This special election is tomorrow Saturday September 18. It is being held in conjunction with the primary. We will have a new mayor tomorrow. I am supporting Civil Engineer and UH Professor Dr. Panos Prevedouros. He has solutions to fix our crumbling infrastructure, reduce traffic congestion by over 30%, and deal with the trash and homeless crises. Tourists cannot believe what has happened to our Honolulu over the years. The roads are crumbling, the parks are filled with trash. It is embarrassing. Look what the politicians have given us.Panos will cancel the rail project, while his opponents Carlisle and Caldwell both endorse spending 6 billion dollars on heavy elevated rail that will saddle future generations with debt and destroy the aina. Even worse, if you read the city's EIS it states that after rail is built traffic congestion will be worse than it is than it is today. Rail has nothing to do with traffic congestion relief, it is about political contributions to the politicians from those who will profit from it. Ever wonder why the others have so many TV ads?We need those billions to fix our infrastructure including the sewers, the roads, the water lines, and solve the traffic congestion problem, not make it worse.Dr. Panos Prevedouros is an engineer with SOLUTIONS, not another politician with hot air. When Peter Carlisle tells people in his ads that he is going to put the city's financial house in order something doesn't add up. He has admitted in live debates that rail project is not fiscally responsible, yet supports building it anyway. Says he will not start any new projects till we can finish the ones we have yet he wants to build it anyway. Carlisle has no solutions either (check out his web site). Decide for yourself. You can learn about Panos' solutions at Panos does NOT need more than 50% to win- he only needs one more vote than the next guy. That vote could be yours.

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