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I just received this heart-tugging email from John D:

Dear Panos--In 1976, a movie called "Cromwell" came out, with Richard Harris as the actor- He was a member of the House of Commons, England, back in the old days- He was so sick and tired of the Taxation System of his day, he said, "eff it", and decided to take his Family to the new world to get away from it all, but a very close friend came to him, and said " you cannot just save yourselves, and leave us"! So, he basically got Cromwell under conviction, Cromwell agreed to stay and fight, and get his people together, and finally have the oppressive King of England, not only dethroned, but beheaded as he was a ruthless king and killing his subjects who couldn't pay taxes. Its a beautiful movie-

I have a filipina wife, and a beautifu place on a beautiful island in the philippines where i plan to spend more of our lives in the future- my attitude is alot like Cromwells- I've lived here since 1954, i'm tired already of the taxation- the heavy burdens our "Kings" are putting on the people of Hawaii- and now mufi has topped it off, with quaddripling the poor people's of Kalihi's taxes, so i too in my heart am saying, "tired already- i'm leaving"- but something in me "set me off" yesterday when i heard what Mufi did, and how he's a local boy who so-called loves his people and his land, and grew up here, and wants to help, but then goes and "lays burdens on men's shoulders that he himself cannot even bear" with this new episode of quaddripling people's taxes, old people at that on a fixed income- probably thee most "cruel" action i've ever heard one of our leaders in Hawaii do--- the epitome of hypocrisy for sure-

Then i "tuned in" to Panos- to you, and said, " this is my cromwell- i can't just go and save ourselves, at the moment, - i need to stay, rally behind this man, and fight- which in our case, is being instrumental in getting you into office- we have 9 kids, no bank account, so don't have money, but i can help open people's eyes to the truth, which i believe you represent- BTW- our oldest son? His name is cromwell- Tom and Katie know him- i actually gave him the Movie, awhile back, so if you cannot get a copy, we'll get his for you to see- i think its a parrallel, how you are being raised up- and i think the movie would really feed you, inspire you, and inspire others supporting you in this move to "have these guys heads" sort of speak, meaning to replace them with someone who can rule and truly represent his people- and stop the madness- I cannot over emphasize the importance of watching this movie.

Anyway, Tom told me to write to find out when you may be coming to the windward side for some "talk stories", so please put us on your mailing list. Meanwhile, i will help others to see why you need to win this election, one person at a time........


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