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Carol Y: Other candidates do not match up to Panos

I am strongly supporting Dr. Panos Prevedouros for mayor. His opponents, who are pro-rail ala Mufi, are Kirk Caldwell (current managing director), Rod Tam (city council member), and Peter Carlisle (city prosecutor). Of these candidates, Panos is best qualified to oversee the infrastructure of our city and county. He is a civil engineer with expertise in roads, sewage, trash, and other unglamorous matters which have such a big impact on our quality of life. In fact he teaches courses in traffic and transportation at the Univ. of Hawai`i. Look at the qualifications of the other candidates, and you will see that they do not match up to Panos' credentials.

Panos is the only one of the four mayoral candidates who opposes elevated rail, the monster project with a price tag of 6 billion (not million) dollars for taxpayers. That cost projection does not include the repair and maintenance costs of this project that will guarantee us a fiscal burden for generations to come, as well as uglify our beloved O`ahu landscape forever. Proponents of elevated rail argue that voters were given a choice, and pro-rail votes won the day. However, they fail to recall the slim margin of votes that approved elevated rail, as well as the changes that have taken place since that vote was taken. They also fail to remember that the current rail price tag is about TWICE what it was at the time of the people's vote. The Final Environmental Impact Statement indicates that in 20 years, traffic can be expected to improve 1% if the elevated rail is built. That's right: a 1% improvement in traffic by 2030 that costs us 6 billion dollars (and counting).
Our next mayor will be elected in the PRIMARY which will be held Sept. 18, just around the corner! It is possible in this particular race for a candidate to win by just one vote. It's "winner take all."

I have (and can get more) flyers, yard signs, and bumper stickers supporting Panos' election. His Web site is if you want to know more about him. Please give Panos serious consideration when deciding how you will vote in the mayoral race. Thanks for reading this.


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