Fix Oahu Now! Panos Prevedouros for Mayor of Honolulu

Let's get to work and Fix Oahu. Now!

Traffic time kills productivity for business owners. It also kills a worker's "off time" with his/her family and productive things they need to do for their families because they're sitting in traffic. Stop and go is hard on cars. We have the distinguished first place position for being the highest cost area to own a car in the United States.
The #1 reason both businesses and workers need Panos is to stop the rail and the destructive path it will create. If history repeats itself, the project will not finish on time and 15 years of construction will put the nail in the coffins of most businesses on Oahu. Not only in the area of construction but like a shock wave going in all directions of the source of the initial shock, which is the construction zone.

With traffic at an all time high for consecutive years, business will be forced to 1st: lay off employees, 2nd: close their doors i.e., go out of business, 3rd: default on their leases leaving landlords losing money and chasing the business owners for back rent, and 4th: since tourism powers this state and with traffic getting even worse than it is now, tourists will return to wherever they came from with horror stories about Oahu. Many national and international articles will be written, bad mouthing Oahu's traffic. Who can blame people in these places, since they are only trying to drive tourists to their own states/countries?

No one is talking about the impact on businesses the prolonged construction will have, but since 75 percent of ALL JOBS are private businesses, they have to be accountable to the law of nature ... no customers, no money, no business! This is so unlike government jobs, which have NO accountability. If the government was run like a private company, it would be out of business, with the CEO being guilty of fiscal irresponsibility!

Former Honolulu Mayor Johnny Wilson served for 19 years and was considered one of the most beloved mayors in the history of Oahu. He was a civil engineer! The biggest problems facing our city deal with infrastructure issues and that is why we need Panos to be elected. Another civil engineer who can fix Oahu, just like Johnny Wilson.

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