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The following is an actual letter demonstrating City Hall Mismanagement.
The particulars were altered to protect Person and Company.

Dear Panos,

I want things fixed in Honolulu. Mufi has been a disaster. Aside from the sewer issues and the bulk trash pickup, the latest really floored me.

Every year, I submit a Tier 2 submission to the State of Hawaii Dept of Health, to the C&C, and to the Fire Chief (Chief Silva, a political appointee).

A group from the fire dept Hazmat response team called wanting to visit. When they came by for a tour, they were asking questions I thought were odd, as they were contained in the Tier 2 submission. When I asked about what they knew, they produced documents from several years ago!

The map wasn't even accurate, yet that's what they'd be operating from in the event of an emergency.

I would think the mayor would want to ensure that Fire, Police, and all the departments of his administration are operating properly, yet something as basic as this suggests that the mayor didn't care to learn about the various concerns of the fire department.

This isn't so obvious to the average person, as the failure of the police department to enforce basic laws is. I hope you are able to make all the departments effective and accountable. Not only our quality of life, but our safety, depend on it.

Best Regards,
Name Withheld
Quality Manager
Major Company
Oahu, HI

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