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Linda Lingle sets the record straight on rail

Listen to Linda Lingle point this out directly:

"Who gets elected makes a difference".

"There is a candidate that has clearly stated he wants a different kind of transportation" (That's me she's referring to, BTW :)

"Some of the others have said they want rail to go to the windward side as well" (That's Peter Carlisle's infamous position on rail)

"The next mayor could stop this project; I know the former mayor said that there's no way to stop it but that's simply not a true statement".

"The money that's been collected so could go back to the legislature...and use it for another kind of a transit project...that's not the heavy rail project..that others including myself question from a financial point of view whether we can afford this project...especially in combination with the more than $4 billion dollars recently agreed to by the city for the sewer improvements that have to accrue over the coming years".

"I believe we need to expand the transit that is available to us today but this is certainly not a done deal. The EIS is with me, I haven't signed off on it yet. We're in the process of hiring a financial consultant. The federal government is not allowing the project to proceed to the next phase until the city comes up with a viable plan which they have not done up to this point. "

"So when you see them awarding contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars, that's really for show; it's a lot of politics and the project will simply not go forward without the proper approvals of the state and the federal level and with this election coming up, at the city level as well. "

Hear it with your own two ears

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Comment by Juan DeV-Muñoz on August 14, 2010 at 4:58pm
OO )) Can't hear recording. Play button doesn't work on my XP computer, though I recently updated "Java". No need, but just reporting a snag.



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