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Lying to the Masses - If we elect politicians who lie to us, we deserve the consequences.

The Honolulu proposed Rail project is a Mega-project that requires a forceful approach to get Oahu's population to support it.

It requires hiding the negative aspects and highlighting the positive aspects, through large investments on media publicity, paid publicity consultants, and a great deal of simple ordinary lying - the oldest, cheapest form of manipulation. But the liars only lie because they consider part of the population very gullible, or because the population, in a bad economy, don't have time to check out the facts for themselves. Luckily, with Internet, we now can get pointed to the particular contradictions.

Video Link:

Do we really wish to live in a society where lying is considered a necessity? There are subcultures around the World that believe lying is perfectly fine, as long as one doesn't get caught. Some religions (I won't name a few) actually believe lying is a good way to solve problems, but usually this has to do with one inner circle of people lying to other citizens outside their inner circle.

Prestige is diametrically contrary to lying. In business, we are not going to go back to the same business if we are subject to unfulfilled promises. But, in politics, once elected, a politician has the Office, and from there on may consider promises were made just to get the votes, and can be forgotten or rationalized away. That's because every politician finally comes face to face with reality: the budget.

Here's a video link showing in detail how the past Mayor and administration have made public statements that were totally false. When we go before a judge in a trial we are warned to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as we know it. Why aren't politicians subjected to the same requirement? The word "politician" unfortunately has almost become a synonym for "lier", and some think it's funny. We'll, the majority vote (51%) decides who gets elected, but then we all have to live with it.

The greatest lie is: they know how to fix Honolulu's economy (through more spending from our hard-earned money).

Perhaps the video link, above (It's a little old, but still valid),
will help everyone show others how the previous Mayor has
manipulated the citizens, and then still ask us to vote for
him for the Governor position....

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