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-- Rail is not a legal system to build, yet. It has not finished the NEPA process.

-- Mufi was issued almost a billion dollar worth of bogus contracts but the Council has not funded any of them and he can't put even one dollar worth of construction on the ground.

-- As of now there is nothing to stop.

-- Like Eileen Anderson stopped Fasi's rail in the early 1980s Panos will stop Mufi's rail. Executive privilege has its privileges.

-- Besides this, the Iwi Kupuna, NEPA process lawsuits and the Akaka bill if signed into law will kill rail as culturally reprehensible, environmentally botched and user of sovereign lands, respectively.

-- Rail will create less than 1,000 local jobs but regularly destroys 4,000 jobs by stealing $150 million annually from the local economy.

-- The Final Environmental Impact Statement says it in black and white that (1) congestion with rail in 2030 will be far worse than it is now, and (2) rail will remove 40,000 car trips out of 4 million trips done on a weekday on Oahu. So rail is the 1% solution and the establishment and "gravy train" interests want us to pay $6 Billion for an 1% return.

--The 2008 vote for Steel Wheel on Steel Rail City Charter Amendment is seriously undermined. See here why:

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