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Rail on a nice day..... photo. So what happens when it's RAINING??

Ups ! I guess the City forgot that one year it rained on Oahu for 41 days in a row. It was horrible.

So, if Rail is supposed to convince people to leave their cars home (or not own one), and use the Rail to get places.... what happens when it rains? Same thing that happens on The Bus - you get soaked :) But buses can go lots of places, because cheaper. They even go up the ridges, almost empty...

A car is more than a form of transportation: it is an extension of our home, a capsule of protection, a portable place to keep things locked up, a respite from the hot, humid Summer weather, a private quiet resting place under a tree, a tradition to pick up our Date.

The proposed rail follows a route near large bodies of water - that to me spells "humidity". Upon entering the Rail, we will breathe the cool air with all those in the rail-car. Just like on The Bus. The air that went into other people's lungs is what there's to breathe. Don't like it? Don't breathe. Upon exiting - tropical humidity. Try dressing "for success". (I think I prefer my car.)

Will the people who want to spend on Rail, use it to get to work on a rainy day?

Here's how Rail is "pictured" (on a nice day). I couldn't find a picture of Rail on a rainy day...

Notice clouds, and global warming :)

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