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Retired Architect Explains Why Honolulu Needs Panos the Engineer

It is so evident that the politicians in office today have created the problems and financial shortfalls that have plagued Oahu during the last few years. Honolulu is deteriorating through the neglect that our present mayor has inflicted on our island. There are problems with sewer and water line breaks with many of our roads mired in a state of unacceptable condition.

It is time that we should reflect on the incredible life and achievements of John Wilson, a former Mayor of Honolulu. As a civil engineer that brought Oahu into the twentieth century. Mayor Wilson was probably the best Mayor that Honolulu ever produced. His engineering background enabled our city to achieve great things during his terms as Mayor. These included Aloha Tower, Honolulu Hale and the Pali Highway, Five years after his death the Wilson tunnel was named in his honor in 1961.

It is time to reject the money and developer input that has become a part of Hawaiian politics and revert to the ideals of caring about our communities and concentrating on sensible development and repair of our deteriorating infrastructure. The general public realizes that the proposed overhead rail system is a complete disaster,financially and aesthetically that will totally destroy Oahu as we now know it without doing anything to reduce traffic congestion.

We could learn a lot from the legacy of John Wilson, by voting for Panos Prevedouros for our next Mayor who like John Wilson is a civil engineer who will recreate the energy and care for Oahu that John Wilson achieved many years ago. What is needed today are practical rather than big money political solutions and Panos is the one candidate that can achieve those goals.

Geoffrey Paterson
Architect and AIA-Hawaii Member

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