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Statement from Campaign Chair on recent Hawaii News Now Poll

Today, Hawaii News Now released a poll showing our campaign with little more than 10% of the vote. This poll made up of likely Democrat primary voters is not surprising. The polls we have seen that incorporate independent and conservative voters show a dramatically different result. We know from our daily feedback that the momentum is on our side. The people are quickly understanding that the choice this election between a machine candidate, a lawyer supporting fiscally irresponsible projects, and an engineer who will stop the rail, reduce taxes, and reduce congestion and fix our infrastructure. Our message of sensible solutions is resonating with the people and we look forward to election day.

Peter Kay
Campaign Chair and Spokesman

Update and Correction as of 8/24

Mark Platte of Hawaii News Now has given us the following information:

"Out of all who voted for mayor, 246 said they usually vote Democrat, 104 said they usually vote Republican and 68 stated they usually vote Independent."

As a result of this additional information which differs from what our other sources have told us, we have struck the sentence above in our press release. Similar statements about this poll being made up of likely Democrat primary voters we issued in a newsletter to our supporters is also incorrect. We apologize for the inaccuracy and stand corrected.

Peter Kay

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Comment by Panos Prevedouros on August 23, 2010 at 11:16pm
Seems like this piece is creating quite a response from our supporters, here's one from Miz O.:

"I think many many people are fed up with politics as usual. They see how local media by and large endorses Big Rail, unions, unscrupulous developers, and same-old same-old Dem's, even when they are dead wrong. It's a throw back to the plantation years and the boom years, and it no longer fits. Most people want unbiased journalism. Most people want sewers, waterway and landfill problems FIXED. They want roads, bridges, sidewalks, bikeways, crosswalks, buses and other transportation systems FIXED. They want a Mayor who will encourage and support state and federal agencies in really FIXING our broken schools, prisons, law enforcement and mental health systems, so that Oahu can truly be a safe and beautiful place to live and vacation.
Let the media show their biases. It will just tick voters off. It will make the same-old same-olds feel safe, when in fact there's a tsunami of change brewing!"



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