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Hi Mr. Panos,

This is great to hear...we were happy to see all the supporters around the hale today.
My husband and I appreciate your "summary cards" so we can continue to get the word out to our contacts who all agree that:


I must admit to you that over the years, we have become very jaded about the folks we elect to office.
They all sound so good in the beginning but somehow change in that office as the months go by. Please do not be one of them...

Here's our take on this:
We know they are unable to do the things they promise because they are so hindered by the system that has been in place for so long:
They are either stalled, frustrated then become "one of them" by
the employees who have been there "forever"
because they do not want to change their work routines, "what! you're asking me to do what?"
by partisan or territorially, egotistical behavior of the elected
because they have forgotten that they were not elected to serve themselves
by the very folks that elect them by not showing support or outrage when they should
because they are too busy trying to make the money to support this black hole...or just became worn out and cynical.

But you sound different...we enjoy listening to you.
Actual solutions; most of the politicians have given us the run-around; they can take any data and spin it anyway they want.
Your data sounds real...we need to hear more.

We are talking all around town and are very excited and look forward to hearing more from you!
Best of all of Oahu!

With much warm mahalo,
Craig and Cheryl Nakagawa

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