Fix Oahu Now! Panos Prevedouros for Mayor of Honolulu

Let's get to work and Fix Oahu. Now!

Sir, you are going to be THE FINEST mayor this state has ever experienced~
Trust me, you are the type of candidate that we folks are STARVED for.
You are humble, you have a kind countenance, very well educated and yet you do not "talk down" to folks but you speak with and to folks, and with such common sense style. You don't use the biggest words you can just to make a flashy show of your education. You speak to us as if we were neighbors, out chatting in each others' front yards or something.

THIS is what is going to win the election for you, and since I truly believe I am discerning you clearly and truly, YOUR win is honestly, truly going to be a win for all of us.

Stand tall and be confident no matter what insulting things your opponents may say about you, to you, etc. There exists a "spirit" that has utter contempt for the humble, simple type of man of down-to-earth common sense.

If so, let them gnash their teeth as you, I think I am not dramatizing this..........

as you speak, you will also be speaking wordlessly from your heart to others' because of your attitude of humility and some will hate you for it, and if so, so be it.

JUST RUN, prevent this boondoggle called "rail" that most of us refuse to use except for a fun joyride once or twice, and save us all a big nightmare, etc.

Also, will you please study and consider the idea of maybe this island building a desalination plant? If the sun does produce a record, horrible sunflare or something, we could need water more than anything.

What if..........we build a huge plant for this, and it provides much water for the state AND we, if it produces clean water night and day, we bottle it for sale in the back of that same plant, selling it to a thirsty world and the proceeds then are banked to build better roads, etc? that?

I shall hush and be so very satisfied to VOTE FOR YOU,
God bless and keep you and yours,
Karen T.

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