Fix Oahu Now! Panos Prevedouros for Mayor of Honolulu

Let's get to work and Fix Oahu. Now!

Hawaii and the island of Oahu has a great history of doing things badly. Maybe by accident, maybe unintentional, but still the tax payer keeps paying the price for the politician's blunders.

Remember when the city purchased the pot hole fix-it truck only to find out later that it required an expensive type of asphalt that we didn't have. The city abandoned the idea, sold the truck at a huge loss, and decided to keep the pot holes. Trust me, our roads look like swiss cheese.

Remember when a new indoor firing range was being built for the Honolulu police department to the tune of $4 million dollars. Just when the facility was ready to open and users began firing their weapons, dense smoke filled the air because somebody didn't build ventilation into the structure. Now at $10 million dollars, we finally had the problem resolved and it only took three years extra to build.

(Do you think they can build a $5.5 billion rail project on time and on budget? I don't think so.)

Remember Aloha Stadium that was "State of the Art". It was to incorporate non-corrosive steel that would hold up in our island climate..... Ooops, somebody didn't realize that there was salt in the air that causes steel to rust. Now we invited hundreds of workers from the mainland to come fix Aloha Stadium while our construction workers sit idly by.

Wait a moment. Isn't our new "State of the Art" rail system suppose to use steel. We still have salt in our island air. If the salt air destroyed Aloha Stadium, wouldn't it have the same effect on the steel railroad? Our local construction workers have never developed a train track. Now we are going to have to invite hundreds of workers to our island to build the rail while our construction workers sit idly by.

Our local companies have never built a train car. Those are going to be shipped in on a boat from some other state while we send them our money. Say "Aloha" to your money and bid it a fond farewell.

But the politicians said, "OH, but it will create thousands of jobs". Uh, hello, only 350 jobs are scheduled to be created in the construction of the first six miles of rail road. Once that construction phase is completed, those same 350 people will be used on the next phase. So, where are the thousands of jobs that are suppose to be created. Are politicians expecting 9,650 people to work at Starbucks?

I could go on and on, but the fact is:

Politicians will say whatever they need in order to be re-elected and to hold their power. They are in the back pockets of the construction unions who lobby for their contracts regardless of how well they perform. Very rarely are projects done on time and on budget. Oahu's track record shows our incompetance.

What we need is somebody who can get the job done right the first time without the polticial shennanigans.

That's why Panos is our man.

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