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Panos is a Class Act Even When Falling Short

Thanks Panos for giving us a true choice in this year's mayor's race. I hope you continue to be out there in the forefront of the public debate on the continuing saga of "rail transit". You were a class act through the entire campaign and maintained your sense of humor through last night's primary election returns. Best of luck with your family and all future endeavors. We all hope to hear from you in the future as you soldier on to the next mayoral race, possibly in 2010.

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Comment by Kaunaloa on September 21, 2008 at 9:15am
As I shook Panos' hand late last nite, I saw the genuine excitement in his eyes and the joy in his heart. He was disappointed in the tally of course, but he knew he had accomplished his secondary mission of asking questions, raising awareness, and most of all DENYING the current UNFIT administration a primary win. the race in 2008 is not over, and our small army must each make our own choices on how we vote in November. Most importantly, we take the lessons we learned from trying to run a campaign from essentially scratch in the summer through the primary -- and know that yes Virginia, there is indeed a way for an engaged citizen to run for office on O'ahu and find many, many colleagues to help and support such a run!



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