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How About A Rail Alternative That Includes Zero Cost Highways And Zero Traffic Jams?

Got your attention? Now a question? What mode of mass transportation takes advantage of highways that cost nothing to build, or maintain, do not require people or businesses to re-locate, has far less of a carbon foot print, little if any impact on the environment, and has zero traffic jams? Oh yes, costs far, far less then the rail project? Give up?

Ferry's are the answer. But you say we tried that already and it was too expensive, never ran on time, wasted a lot of fuel, people were sea sick. Well, there is a lot of information put out when TheBoat was in operation that is incorrect to say the least.

The original two boats brought in for the project were old technology off the shelf, not designed for this project. One of the boats was in need of serious repair, when it arrived, like new engines! A third boat was brought in and that one was brand new with state of the art hydrofoil technology. In short, it was the right boat for the job and performed well up until the project was killed.

The highways TheBoat ran on were of course coastal waters from Barber's Point Ferry dock to Aloha Tower. These waters cost nothing to build or maintain, didn't displace anyone, and... there were never any traffic jams. True, there were a couple of days too rough to run but that was rare, especially with the third Hydrofoil boat which rode well in rough water.

TheBoat operation could be done right with six new boats built specifically for our waters. The now vacant terminals at Barber's Point, and the Super ferry facility in Honolulu harbor could be used and are well suited for mass transportation here in the county. The gray adapter Super ferry barges could be used to berth the ferry's at locations just mentioned and at Pearl harbor/Ewa Beach, and Ocean Point.

Cost of the entire project including 6 to 8 hydrofoil ferry's, personnel, fuel, spare parts, advertising, administration, everything, for initial start up and continued operation for ten years, is approximately $200 million dollars.

The routes envisioned would be from Waianae Harbor to Barber's Point to Pearl Harbor/Ewa Beach to Honolulu. As Ocean Point is finished that would be added along with the possibility of Hawaii Kai. How long to initial start up operation? Less then two years. Rather then calling this project TheBoat, it should be called The Honolulu County Ferry.

As far as fuel burned by TheBoat, the statements discussed in the past were inaccurate to say the least. Fact: running TheBoat (one boat with 149 passengers from Barbers Point to Aloha Tower and the same route and another 149 passengers back to Barbers Point) used 150 gallons of fuel for the round trip.

Now, try to do that and move the same amount of passengers(149) each way with buses. It will take at least two articulated buses and another bus to accommodate 149 passengers each way.

What will the combined buses fuel consumption be? It will be two times at least if not more, then what the boat burned or 300+ gallons of fuel. (exact same kind of diesel fuel used and same cost).

Traffic jams? None for the boat, and most certainly for the buses. Route distance traveled by boat or buses is 21 miles one way.

How do I know these figures are correct, I was involved with the project in the background staffing it, and as crew onboard as needed.

Along with excellent transportation proposals envisioned by Panos and team, this is another example of far better, and much, much less expensive ways to solve transportation issues, which was proven to work.

I will be voting tomorrow for Panos, and you should too! Panos is the best person for this serious job of fixing our roads, sewers, and transportation issues. We don't need lawyers or politicians at this time, we need an engineer to guide us out of this mess we are in.

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